Balancing Act: Fall/Winter 2021 Season Pass + Pantry Box Bundle

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Along with your Season Pass purchase, we'll send you a Pantry Box with everything you need to participate in the three kit-focused episodes of Balancing Act's Fall/Winter 2021 season ("Protein Shake", "Mr Potatohead and Beyond", and "Don't Burn the House Down"). Plus a bunch of generally useful stuff that Dave and Jack think every cocktail fan should have at home!

The kit includes...

Liquid mixers, syrups, infusions, and tinctures!

Black Pepper Tincture, 1 oz
Coriander Syrup, 2 oz
Lemon Cordial, 2 oz
Caramel Syrup, 2 oz
Chicory-infused cold brew concentrate, 2 oz
Almond extract, 1 oz
Umeboshi vinegar, 4 oz
Mole bitters, 0.5oz
Angostura bitters, 4 oz

Hard to find spices and solid ingredients!

Panela raw block sugar, 100g
Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon bark, 1oz
Star anise, 0.5 oz

Technical ingredients to give your drinks that extra oomph!

Liquid champagne acid, 4 oz
Citric acid solution (15%), 4 oz
Citric acid powder, 100g
Malic acid powder, 100g
Glycerine, 1 oz
Saline solution (20%), 1oz

Crucial gear every serious cocktail expert needs!

A small scale with 4 weigh boats
75 micron strainer bag
(plus the option of adding on a refractometer and graduated cylinder, if you don't already have one from the last season of Balancing Act)