Balancing Act: Participant

Balancing Act: Participant

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Making the perfect cocktail can be as simple as using the best ingredients and a time-tested recipe... or you can utilize the latest technology to get an even better result. Let us show you how an advanced mindset can improve every drink you make, even if you don’t have a centrifuge in your kitchen.

Balancing Act introduces you to the wide world of technology and techniques that the world’s best bartenders use to create cocktails that go above and beyond the standard home bartender. And the best part? We send the results of all that hard work right to you, in the kits that come with your ticket. Join us as we see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Every episode of Balancing Act focuses on one technique that will help you boost your home cocktail game to a whole new level — clarification, rapid infusing, and more. We show you how the pros do it, using the full suite of fancy toys that modern bartenders rely on: centrifuges, iSi canisters, refractometers… then, we show you how to achieve something similar using basic equipment you already have at home.

Your Participant ticket includes a kit with some examples of that episode’s technique, plus materials to make your own version at home.


Upcoming Shows

March 18, 8:30pm ET: Cordially Yours. In this episode, Dave and Jack will teach us all about clarification. Each ingredient kit will include three pre-made cordials, plus other materials to create three cocktails: a (Not Your Average) Gin & Tonic, a scotch- and mezcal-based Portfolio, and a mezcal Old Fashioned. Alcohol for this episode: blended Scotch or unpeated single malt (preferably Chivas 12 or Glenlivet), mezcal (preferably Del Maguey Vida), and gin (preferably Beefeater).

April 15, 9pm ET: Adjustment

May 4, 9pm ET: Margarita

June 3 9pm ET: Blenders

July 1 9pm ET: Carbonation

Aug 5 9pm ET: Alcohol Optional