Divine Spirits: Participant

Divine Spirits: Participant

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Magic is intoxicating.

Think magic doesn't happen over Zoom? Think again. Mixologist Melissa Brooke and magician Mark Clearview will make a believer out of you yet.

Part cocktail class, part magic act, and part comedy show, Divine Spirits combines hand-crafted cocktails with sleight-of-hand magic to create an evening you won’t soon forget.


About the Experience

Every show begins with Melissa teaching the audience how to expertly mix the episode’s bespoke cocktail. The particular herbs, plants, flowers, and spices Melissa chooses for the libation serve as inspiration for Mark’s jaw-dropping, head-spinning interactive magic. It's quite a dizzying — and delicious — combination.

Prior to the show, we'll send you a kit with all of the cocktail ingredients, spells, potions, bits, bobs, and other magical items you'll need to conjure up a mind-blowingly fun evening.

This show is a co-production with Divine Spirits.


Meet Your Hosts

Mark Clearview is a world record–holding magician whose talents have earned him headlining slots at NYC’s Caroline’s on Broadway and Hollywood’s Magic Castle, as well as high profile clientele like Rami Malek, Usher, and Michael J. Fox. (About that world record: his two-week fundraising performance, Escaping Parkinson’s, earned him the title for the “Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket.”)

Melissa Brooke has served as a mixologist, head bartender and beverage manager for several noteworthy NYC bars and restaurants. In addition to collaborating with premium liquor brands to create concept cocktails, she also curates cocktails for exclusive events throughout NYC. Currently the in-house Spirit Whisperer at the Michelin Star award-winning Musket Room, she loves personalizing cocktails for guests using unconventional tactics, such as astrological sign, name etymology and manifesting intentions for inspiration.


Upcoming Shows

May 23, 8pm ET: Flower Moon Magic and the Bees Knees. In our second episode we will explore the theme of self-reflection and growth. Our cocktail, the sweet, sunny Bees Knees will incorporate ingredients to help manifest positive change before May’s Full Flower Moon, and usher in an evening of delightful and surprising prestidigitation. 
Base spirit: gin (can sub with vodka). Non-alcoholic mixer option: unsweetened ice tea


What's Included?

Participant Tickets: We'll send you a kit with all the non-alcoholic ingredients you'll need for your cocktail. This includes a special letter with instructions, clues, and information about the hidden powers of your cocktail ingredients. Your kit will also include an assortment of objects that will be used in the evening's magic. You will be responsible for supplying your own alcohol (and/or non-alcoholic mixers if you are choosing not to drink).  

Spectator Tickets: If you prefer to just watch, we offer Spectator tickets at a reduced price. Spectators don’t get ingredient kits, drink recipes, or magical items, and don’t participate in the cocktail mixing or interactive magic, but you’ll still learn about mixology and be very, very entertained.