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High Bar: Spectator

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Want to up your cocktail game to the level of a professional bartender? High Bar is just what you need. 

In this one-hour interactive show, master bartenders Matt Hunter and Jack Schramm break down a classic cocktail, demonstrate proper mixing techniques, and drop some science—literally. 

First off, Jack and Matt will break down the technique needed to properly execute the classic cocktail of the day. Next, both hosts will explain the reasoning behind their creative process in an attempt to sway your affection (and votes) before moving on to the Battle Round – where Jack and Matt will take turns teaching you how to make their own unique and delicious variations on the classic cocktail of the day, and where you'll get to decide which master bartender's cocktail reigns supreme.

After the votes are in, one bartender will taste victory, and you'll have tasted three mouthwatering libations. Consider the bar raised.


What's included

Spectator tickets are a great way to get in on the fun of High Bar without breaking the bank. 

Spectator tickets do not include ingredient kits, and you won't participate in making the cocktails featured on the show... but you will learn some great techniques, and you'll get to see Matt and Jack make fun of each other's cocktails. You may not know exactly how delicious the drinks are, but you'll still feel the snark. 


Each episode of High Bar runs for roughly 60 minutes.


Upcoming schedule

May 14, 9pm EDT: The Tom Collins. The Tom Collins recipe made its first printed appearance in Jerry Thomas's The Bartenders' Guide in 1876—and in 2021 it'll get two delicious updates courtesy of Matt and Jack.

June 17. 9pm EDT: The Paloma. Meet the Margarita's delectable cousin, the Paloma: she's tart, refreshing, and ready to party!


Past episodes

December 14: The French 75. World Wars have been responsible for a great many innovations. One of the tastiest among them: the French 75 (sorry, Spam). Named after the 75-millimeter gun used by French soldiers in WWI, the cocktail is widely believed to have its roots in Harry's New York Bar in Paris. Who better, then, to show us how to make a delicious one than two of New York’s best bartenders? And get this: thanks to our friends at G.H. Mumm, each ticket includes a discount code good for 30% off any Mumm product through the end of the year, plus flat shipping on any order of 6 or more bottles. That’s cause to pop open a bottle of bubbly in itself.
Alcohol for this episode: Beefeater gin; G.H. Mumm champagne. Note that the ticket with alcohol only includes Beefeater – guests must order their own Mumm, using the discount code we will provide to you.

November 30: The Manhattan. Sure, Brooklyn may be having its pop culture moment, but when it comes to cocktails, the Manhattan is unquestionably the greatest NYC borough. Come learn how to make the perfect classical version of the Manhattan, then see what tricks Matt and Jack have up their sleeves to bring this time-honored standby into the 2020’s. Alcohol for this episode: Knob Creek Rye, Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth. 

November 23: Punch Up Your Punch Game. Want to be the star of your family get-togethers over the holidays? Matt and Jack want to help you do just that, by punching up your punch game. Learn the key tips and tricks to a great punch, and taste along as Matt and Jack introduce you to three of their favorite punchy concoctions. NOTE: unlike other episodes, the audience won't actually be making the cocktails during this show (since punch involves huge quantities of everything). Instead, we'll send you three pre-made punches along with the recipe for each, and Matt and Jack will teach you how to make them all. Then you can choose your favorite and impress all your family and friends over the next few weeks.

November 2: The Cosmopolitan. After it exploded in popularity with the rise of Sex and the City, the Cosmo became a very divisive drink – a favorite cocktail for many, and a silly fad for others. But trust us... after tasting Matt and Jack's versions, you'll never doubt that the Cosmo deserves a place alongside the greatest cocktail classics. NOTE: liquor for this episode (200ml bottle of Absolut vodka, plus Cointreau) is included in the ingredient kit for every participant. 

October 12: The Sidecar. A lot of people have never tried a Sidecar, and that's a shame. Tart, tasty, and made purely from very classy (and pricey) booze, the Sidecar deserves a spot on your regular cocktail rotation. Plus, if you've ever wondered what you can do with cognac, this show will give you a great answer.  ALCOHOL FOR THIS EPISODE: Remy Martin 1738, Cointreau. 

September 21: The Old Fashioned. This drink may be old fashioned, but it never goes out of style. Don't be fooled by how simple the ingredient list is... there are definitely tricks to making a superior Old Fashioned. Luckily, Matt and Jack will show you the ropes. 

August 31: The Martini. The world's best-known cocktail is an exercise in minimalism... but that doesn't mean that we can't add fantastic twists to this timeless classic. Let's make James Bond proud. ALCOHOL FOR THIS EPISODE: Beefeater gin, Lillet Blanc, and Dolin Dry Vermouth. 

August 10: Daiquiri Day. Sure, we missed national Daiquiri Day by a few weeks, but as long as it's sunny and warm outside it's never a bad time to enjoy this tropical classic. ALCOHOL FOR THIS EPISODE: Probitas White Blended Rum.

Our hosts

Matt Hunter has over 25 years of restaurant experience, the last decade of which he's spent behind the bar. He's the head bartender at Eleven Madison Park—one of only five 3-Michelin-star restaurants in NYC.

Jack Schramm is a butcher-turned-barista-turned-cocktail-obsessive. He's head bartender at Greenwich Village's beloved high-concept cocktail spot Existing Conditions, and a master of the scientific side of cocktail technique.