High Bar: Syrups & Mixers

High Bar: Syrups & Mixers

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These syrups and mixers are custom made by High Bar's Jack Schramm and Matt Hunter. Each bottle contains 8 ounces of handcrafted deliciousness.


Chai Coffee Treacle (The Manhattan): $25

Spiced Cranberry Syrup (The Cosmopolitan): $25

Salty-Sweet Miso Syrup (The Sidecar): $25

Pineapple Yuzu Koshu Syrup (The French 75): $20

Plum Passion Syrup (The French 75): $20

Cranberry-Pomegranate Honey (The Cosmopolitan): $20

Oolong Honey Syrup (The Daiquiri): $20

Pineapple Syrup (The Daiquiri): $20

Coffee Pecan Demerara Syrup (The Old Fashioned): $25

Grapefruit Hojicha Cordial (The Negroni): $25

Rosemary-Orange-Maple Syrup (The Negroni): $25