Pantry Box, Balancing Act Fall/Winter 2021

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Everything you need to participate in the three kit-focused episodes of Balancing Act's Fall/Winter 2021 season ("Protein Shake", "Mr Potatohead and Beyond", and "Don't Burn the House Down"). Plus a bunch of generally useful stuff that Dave and Jack think every cocktail fan should have at home!

The kit includes...

Liquid mixers, syrups, infusions, and tinctures!

  • Black Pepper Tincture, 1 oz
  • Coriander Syrup, 2 oz
  • Lemon Cordial, 2 oz
  • Caramel Syrup, 2 oz
  • Chicory-infused cold brew concentrate, 2 oz
  • Almond extract, 1 oz
  • Umeboshi vinegar, 4 oz
  • Mole bitters, 0.5oz
  • Angostura bitters, 4 oz

Hard to find spices and solid ingredients!

  • Panela raw block sugar, 100g
  • Vietnamese Cassia cinnamon bark, 1oz
  • Star anise, 0.5 oz

Technical ingredients to give your drinks that extra oomph!

  • Liquid champagne acid, 4 oz
  • Citric acid solution (15%), 4 oz
  • Citric acid powder, 100g
  • Malic acid powder, 100g
  • Glycerine, 1 oz
  • Saline solution (20%), 1oz

Crucial gear every serious cocktail expert needs!

  • A small scale with 4 weigh boats
  • 75 micron strainer bag
  • (plus the option of adding on a refractometer and graduated cylinder, if you don't already have one from the last season of Balancing Act)