Purgatory Perceptions

Purgatory Perceptions

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2020 has felt a bit like purgatory – especially for New York's creative community. With live performances canceled throughout the city, these are tough times to be an artist.

Join NYC jazz scene stalwarts Jackson Miller as they welcome a series of special guests to explore the mood of our current moment through music, song, and conversation.

These interactive shows are a blend of live performance and dialogue between the audience and the artist. More than a simple livestream, these performances weave the audience into the action. You can see the artists, and the artists can see you – just like an in-person performance.

If you miss seeing jazz performed live and want a chance to talk to some of your favorite artists while they play for you, you need to check out Purgatory Perceptions.

Upcoming shows

July 31 (5:00pm Eastern): Bar Bayeux Benefit.

Join us as three of NYC's best jazz acts come together to support Bar Bayeux, one of the only venues in Brooklyn where jazz lovers can watch their favorite acts perform live. All proceeds from this show will be donated to support Bar Bayeux, helping to maintain New York's rich cultural fabric.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Kelly Green, Jeremy Stratton, and Adam Kolker, with host Zoe Lemon

August 29 (5:00pm Eastern): Special guests to be announced.

September 25 (5:00pm Eastern): Special guests to be announced.


Performances are conducted via Zoom, with a simultaneous livestream offering superior sound quality. Ticket holders will be sent a Zoom link shortly before the performance begins; the livestream link will be provided once participants join the Zoom call.

Feel free to reach out to hey@gush.com with any questions.