The Bitters Truth – Live Event Tickets

The Bitters Truth – Live Event Tickets

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Buy one-off tickets to any of this season's Bitters Truth shows. Note that each episode features the bitters we made in the previous episode. You'll still learn a lot if you haven't seen the previous episode, but we recommend subscribing to the whole season for the full experience. 


Salt & Pepper, May 26 @ 8:30 PM EST
After Sother introduces us to the world of bitters theory, we'll be making a round of cocktails using Angostura and citrus bitters – the "salt and pepper" of the cocktail kingdom. We'll also begin the process of creating our own Ango and citrus analogs from scratch.

Ours Vs. Theirs, June 16 @ 8:30 PM EST
We make another round of cocktails, swapping in our homemade Angostura and citrus bitters for their store bought alternatives to see how they match up. Then we'll get started making the bitters we'll be using for Daiquiri Twists!

Daiquiri Twists, July 14 @ 8:30 PM EST
Bitters aren't just for drinks: Sother and our TBD guest host will show you why. We'll be applying our citrus bitters in a very special Daiquiri and a very special... ceviche! Then we'll prepare a unique bitters recipe for our "wildcard" episode.

Wildcard Bitters, August 11 @ 8:30 PM EST                                                      Bet you haven't tasted a bitters like this before. Tune in to see how Sother uses our wildcard bitters recipe in two delicious, one-of-a-kind cocktails.

Stick to Your Ribs, September 8 @ 8:30 PM EST
A nice dry Manhattan and a nice juicy plate of ribs. Sother and our TBD guest host will show you how to apply the bitters from your favorite Manhattan to some of your favorite BBQ dishes.

The Bitter End, September 29 @ 8:30 PM EST
Wrap it up and stick a bow on it! We’re using ALL the bitters (and making all the drinks). Join us as we mix up a series of bitters forward cocktails using the full assortment of delicious bitters we've crafted throughout the season. Special guest TBD!